Part II Program (08 - 11 September, 2022)

About This Program

Program’s Language

 Hindi / English


Wednesday (Reporting)

Program Starts 

Thursday (6:00am)

Program Ends

Sunday (2:00pm)


Monday (Before 9:30am)

Happy to Support 

9036005022 / 08067262822


"Experience deep rest and peace with an experience of complete immersion in Yoga, Meditation, Silence, and Celebration."

Go beyond your usually active mind and experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality through guided meditations and other processes.

The Advanced Meditation Program is a vacation in the truest sense where you can take a real break from all your activities for deep rest and recharge.



Check-in: 07 Sep, 2022 Before: 10:00pm

Check-Out: 12 Sep, 2022 Before: 9:30am