Sahaj Samadhi Dhyan Yoga Program ( 16 - 18 June, 2023 )

About This Program

Meditation is the art of relaxation, the art of doing nothing, but for a lot of people, doing nothing is not easy. There are many techniques for meditation but in Sahaj Samadhi, we use charged subtle sounds (mantras) to reach a state of deep rest. You will be given your personal mantra in the program and taught how to use it for meditation. The mantra becomes the vehicle to take you to the deepest levels of consciousness. As you go deeper within yourself, bliss, clarity, calmness, intuition, and creativity get uncovered in your being and ultimately you realize who you are.

Languages: English, Hindi

Check-in: 15 Jun, 2023 Before: 10:00pm

Check-Out: 19 Jun, 2023 Before: 9:30am

Program Information

Check-In: 03:30pm (Reporting)

Time: 5:15pm - 7:15pm

Language: Hindi / English

This is a Non Residential Program 

3 days program (2 hours/day) that takes you from restlessness to restfulness

Happy to Support: 9036005022 / 08067262822