Silence Retreat Program (11 - 16 June, 2024)

About This Program

The Art of Living Silence Retreat is a powerful combination of “The Art of Living Happiness Program” and the “Part II Program” which is best suitable for beginners on the path of spirituality. It is a perfect holiday one can gift themselves for their body, mind and soul with powerful breathing techniques, deep meditations and experience of deep rest in silence, in the wonderful journey from head to heart in the midst of nature at The Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru.

Languages: English,Hindi

Check-in: 10 Jun, 2024 Before: 10:00pm

Check-Out: 17 Jun, 2024 Before: 9:30am

Program Information

(Combined of Happiness Program & AMP)

Program Starts: Tuesday (4:00pm)

Program Ends: Sunday (5:00pm)

For National queries, please connect at 9036005022 

For International queries, please connect at +91 9071112261 or email at (Participants need to be residing in India from past one year to be considered as Indian national participant)